Jul 242016


Please welcome and then IMMEDIATELY check out the most REMARKABLE NEW PODCAST to hit the Meltdown Network!!!

A podcast set In an alternate dimension, Hosts Ezra and Tita interview people who live and work alongside The Remarkables, the growing number of super-powered people who live among us… So much has been written about them. From studio films of their adventures, to fan fiction devoted to uncovering their secret identities and the secret lives of Remarkables such as The Patriot and Maverick. But no one has talked to the people who work with them. The henchman, the sidekicks, the lawyers that represent them, the cops who have to work alongside them. All doing the unremarkable work that stays off the radar. That’s what The Remarkables podcast presented by Meltdown Comics is here to fix.

This episode of the newest season starts with a huge get for Tita and Ezra. A face to face interview with an actual Henchman! Learn what they liked to be called (hint: it’s not Henchman) and find out more of the unfolding mystery surrounding the strange phenomenon of shedding, the controversial theory that in some circumstances, a Remarkables’ powers can rub off on someone who is in their physical proximity for an extended period of time. Listen to it all right here on The Remarkables presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Hosts – Ezra & Tita

Executive Producers – Peter Murrieta, Chad Krueger, Gaston Dominguez-Letelier

Associate Producers – Jay Kasten, Jonas Sansone