Nov 042016


Imagine you get to meet your celebrity crush, imagine you get to talk to them and ask them to be on your show…imagine they say yes…what do you do? Would you ask them out?! Guess what Iiii diiiddd… Oh wait, you don’t have to guess… It’s all been perfectly recorded… for your amusement… Laugh it up fuzzballs…

In part B of this episode which is actually the first half of their conversation, Mason is joined by the coolest Internet Celebrity superstar ever Alexi Wasser for a heart-wrenching soul searching talk about love and breakup, first dates, drugs, and fantasy vs reality and maybe even a little bit of anime… All amazing things happening right here on this astonishing and completely -typical episode of Anime Attic Presented by Meltdown Comics!

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Alexi Wasser

Podcast: Love Alexi


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