Nov 222016
#35: Lost + All My Children (w/ Joey Clift) @joeytainment @Twopackspodcast #podcast

Guest Joey Clift (The Nerdist) joins host Geoffrey Golden for a soapy episode of Two Packs, the trading card comedy show! This week, they open packs of ABC drama cards – All My Children (1991) and Lost (2006) trading cards. While opening the packs, they discuss helicopter prison breaks, the paperwork involved in selling a […]

Nov 222016
#22 - The Krush Groove Pod (interviews) @somehiphopshit #podcast

We pull out the way back machine to unveil the Krush Groove movie Pod. This was actually our very first podcast which we put on ice to pop now following the Krush Groove Experience Panel at the LA comicon just a few weeks ago. @wedsfinest joins in interviewing luminaries of film and tv that made […]

Nov 222016
V0L. 2-15: Owlboy vs.George W. Bush @battlecastshow #podcast #Battlecastshow

A kickass little indie game came out recently. It’s called Owlboy. Go check it out. Dirk and Dan have been playing the butt off of it, and Dirk even picked the main character, Otus as his hero this week. Andy’s been playing a lot of pin the tail on the donkey by himself in his […]

Nov 212016
#11: Baggage: Going From Hateful to Grateful with Therapist Scott Tobin @kindadating #podcast

We’ve all been through some shit. For Thanksgiving, Natasha wanted to talk about being grateful … even for the negative moments in our lives and relationships. Seems impossible, right?! Don’t worry, it’s very possible! But it is! Family Therapist Scott Tobin helps bring perspective and grace in this moving episode of Kinda Dating so we […]

Nov 202016
#055: Is Graffiti the Purest Art Form? with Van Saro (interview) @PodSeq #graffiti #podcast

Van Saro is a gallery exhibiting street artist using classical painting skills to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of modern society. His latest exhibition, Concrete Jungle, is a metaphor for the struggles of American immigrants. If you’ve lost sight of the American Dream, this episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy might inspire you to […]