Jul 092016

2016-07-09 03.09.40 am

Dave Baker is joined by Chuck Kerr (Melt-thology) AKA CEO of Zines!

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Sep 052015


This week we are joined by good friend Chuck Kerr to tell us all about the Melt-thology 1 year anniversary that will be happening on Tuesday, September 15th! We also discuss the disbanding of the Marvel Creative Comitee, Beyond Fest and cake?! Listen to find out!

Janette’s Picks: Aliens vs Vampirella #1, Spider Island #3

Aristotle’s Picks: Plutona #1, Daredevil #18

Derrick’s Picks: Mockingbird #1, DC Bombshells #2

Eddie’s Picks: Deadpool vs Thanos #1, We Stand On Guard #3

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