MeltCast 3.0 #79: Happy Thanksgiving!

 Posted by on November 25, 2016
Nov 252016


Derrick and Aristotle are back to talking comics again (with still just a little politics on the side) and some nerdy news!

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Oct 152016


Aristotle, Derrick and Kris (for a brief moment) talk about movies they’ve seen recently (THANKS BEYOND FEST), this weeks books and what the word “cuck” means!

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Aug 272016

empirescv_showcase kris saldana

Aristotle and Kris sit to talk about fandom, random stuff and Kris’ book SHOWCASE!

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Jun 222016

Death Stranded

Derrick and Aristotle talk about some cool things that were announced at E3 and a whole lot of Star Wars!

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May 252016

Write Up 5/25/16

A thousand hello’s Melters! I hope you all are doing as amazing as we feel! As you are probably aware, we are inching ever closer to the weekend and its not just any weekend, its Memorial Weekend! Lets get over this hump of a slow ass week by going over some very interesting developments in our world shall we? Ok lets get down to business.


I know that we are just barely getting into summer and, you probably don’t want to think of anything past July right now but this is really cool news and I felt you all should know as soon as I saw this. I am a huge fan of horror movies, just can’t get enough of them. We all know that one of the pioneering movies in the Slasher film genre is John Carpenter’s Halloween. After the initial success of the first two movies Carpenter left the franchise and the sequels were largely hit or miss depending on who you ask (I personally love Rob Zombie’s Remake) due to his absence. This will all change because it was announced that Carpenter is returning to the franchise he made famous as he will be producing the next Halloween installment. Stay tuned for further details.


Now this is big news, probably should have started with this. Disney continues their domination of everything that has ever been invented with a recent business deal that is leaving a lot of movie distributors upset. Disney has just announced that their entire library will be available on Netflix. That means every Disney movie, plus Marvel, PLUS STAR WARS. Thats quite the library! This will have huge effects on the film distribution industry, and I am very interested to see where this goes next.


Another case of will he or won’t he? So its pretty much a fact that Tom Holland killed it as the new Spider Man in Civil War. He is hands down the best Spider Man we have seen yet and I for one am extremely excited for his standalone film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. It has been reported in the news that Marvel has been courting Michael Keaton to play the role of the main villain. While it hasn’t been announced what Spidey Bad Guy he will portray a lot of fans speculate it may be the Vulture. Be that as it may, Keaton has not officially signed on to the film. One week he’s in, one week he’s out and as of this week he’s back on board. While its not official yet I would love to see Keaton go up against the web slinger. Bringing Keaton’s super hero journey full circle from Hero, to retired hero, to villain.


Now onto wrestling news. Any wrestling fans that were watching Extreme Rules Sunday we got a pleasant return in the form of Seth Rollins who has been out for nearly half a year with a torn leg muscle. He returned after the main event to attack Roman Reigns stating his intention of challenging for the WWE Heavyweight Championship in a few weeks in Vegas at Money In The Bank. Should be an amazing match between the two former Shield Members to say the least!